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What kind of appointment do I need?

A screening check is ideal for those who feel they are experiencing very little difficulty with their hearing, do not currently wear hearing aids and simply want to know their hearing levels.

A full hearing test is for those who are experiencing notable hearing difficulties (or have been told by a loved one they are), and/or wear hearing aids already and want further improvement.

Full hearing test - What to expect

Your Audiologist will discuss your hearing history to understand what has influenced your hearing and to get more information about your personal needs. In addition to this, a hearing exam will be conducted. The appointment may also include a listening experience with hearing devices, if appropriate. After your Audiologist has interpreted the results, he will explain them to your clearly, and discuss with you the next steps.

Screening test - What to expect

Your Audiologist will check the health of your ears, conduct a basic test to see how well your hearing and provide appropriate advice.

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Next steps

We’ll discuss your results straight away. If we have detected hearing loss, we will explain the causes and consequences, so you know the effect this could have in day to day life. If we can improve your condition, we’ll explain the full range of devices. These will range from tiny earpieces hidden in the ear canal to more contemporary sound amplification devices.

To find the right solution for you, we will consider your diagnosis, along with your work, hobbies and lifestyle, to help you make the right choice.

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Have someone with you?

Most people find it helpful to have a spouse, family member of friend with them for the appointment. Your Audiologist will also benefit learning about your hearing abilities from someone close to you.

To book your hearing assessment call us on 01642 756740 or book online.